Water Meter Services

Water Meter Services

Water Meter Services

Water Meter Installation and Validation –
Irrigear Yass

Certified Installation, Validation, Maintenance and More
To satisfy compliance with the new Australian Federal and NSW Government water ise metering specifications for Pattern Approved non-urban Water Meters introduced in 2019 (and revised in 2020) Irrigear Yass has field technicians who are trained and certified to Install and Validate water meters to meet the new compliance standards. We can also organise maintenance, repair, testing or replacement of meters to ensure your new meters continue to meet compliance standards, as well as to assess the compliance of 'grandfathered' meters installed before 1 July 2019.

For new installations, we work with leading brands, products and equipment which ensure years of operational life. Contact Irrigear Yass today to make an appointment. Make sure to provide us with your current Water License details and the location of the installation - we'll work with you to determine the rest.

  • Trained & Certified Field Technicians
  • Installation & Validation to Meet Compliance Standards
  • Water Meter Maintenance, Testing, Repairs & Replacement Services
  • Assessment of 'Grandfathered' Water Meters
  • Water Meters from Leading Providers – including ARAD (the world leader in water metering solutions)
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With rising costs of water and energy, it pays to find out how you can save time and money by maximising the efficiency of your water management.

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