Filtration, Storage & Distribution

Filtration, Storage & Distribution

Filtration, Storage & Distribution

Water Filtration, Treatment, Storage & Distribution.
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irrigear Yass knows that water is essential for life. In domestic applications, we can advise you on the very latest water filtration technology to ensure your family are drinking pure, clean, safe water every day. Tank water and bore water can harbour nasty bacteria or be loaded with heavy metals and other impurities that you don’t want your family drinking. A state-of-the-art filter system from Irrigear Yass will protect you from harm and give you peace of mind. From under-sink cartridge filters and full-house supply filters incorporating UV sterilisers, to industrial- and commercial-grade filtration sytems — Irrigear Yass can supply the lot.

Storage tanks
Irrigear Yass
 knows that harvesting water when it rains is a great way to minimise your water costs. Sometimes, it’s the only water people have for all their needs. Whatever the case, Irrigear Yass has the expertise, knowledge of local conditions and access to the industry’s leading brands and products to ensure you catch the rain for when you need it most.

Storage tank accessories, monitoring and more
It’s not just tanks that make a rain water capture system effective. Start with products to exclude leaves so they don’t make it to the tank. Then add devices that flush the first collection of dirty water away before allowing cleaner water into the tank. Then fit a tank level monitoring device so you know exactly how much water you have on hand at any time, even on your smartphone! Finally, fit a pump and a filtration system to protect your family from disease and contaminants.

Irrigear Yass can supply the lot. Perhaps your storage need is more specialised: perhaps you need to effluent or contaminated water for disposal, or tanks to supply a firefighting sprinkler system. This is no problem for your Irrigear Yass expert who can provide a complete range of options no matter what the need.

Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Firefighting
Looking for large-scale water or chemical storage solutions? Firefighting storage? Irrigear Yass can provide solutions to address specific requirements in filtration, storage and distribution – from self-cleaning filtration systems, to high-volume pumping systems and custom storage solutions.

  • Australia's leading brands & products
  • Local expertise
  • Latest solutions – saving water, energy & time
  • Filtration systems, accessories & parts
  • Stock water troughs - plastic & concrete
  • Storage tank solutions - poly & steel
  • Storage tank solutions - range of sizes & use applications, including custom & on-site fabrications
  • Storage tank solutions - water, chemical, domestic, agricultural, firefighting, commercial, industrial
  • Monitoring equipment & remote solutions
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Water Meter Services

Water Meter Services

Irrigear Yass are your local water meter specialists – Certified Installation, Validation, Maintenance and More. Satisfy compliance with the new Australian Federal and NSW Government water ise metering specifications for Pattern Approved non-urban Water Meters


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