You'll find a range of REAQUA and LORENTZ products at Irrigear Yass.

REAQUA specialise in the design, supply, installation and support of solar pumping solutions in Australia. Along with their exclusive distribution partnership with LORENTZ, REAQUA has an experienced dealer network providing reliable, local support for all LORENTZ products to meet the needs of agricultural, pastoral and urban applications.

LORENTZ Solar Pumping Solutions
LORENTZ are Global leaders in the manufacturing of high quality, reliable solar pumping solutions. LORENTZ technology uses the power of the sun to pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops. All mechanical, electronic and software design is developed internally by a specialised team of engineers who have manufactured solar pumps for over two decades. LORENTZ manufactures the largest, most comprehensive range of solar pumps available in the market.

The LORENTZ solar pump range of DC powered helical rotor and centrifugal pumps have been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using solar power. Designs have been executed to suit a large range of head and flow requirements in both surface and submersible applications. The pumps are simple, efficient, reliable, and capable of pumping water with very low levels of solar power. Each system consists of a pump, motor and a controller. This modular design concept keeps all electronics above ground providing, simple servicing, ease of access and a low cost of ownership.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy LORENTZ solar pumping products and solutions from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management. Irrigear Yass a member of Irrigear® – The Water System Experts.

  • Complete solar pumping solutions
  • Solar livestock watering systems
  • Small-scale solar irrigation systems
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LORENTZ PS2 Submersible Systems are the latest generation of LORENTZ's high efficiency, reliable solar water pumping systems, featuring a range of controllers and motor sizes up to 4KW in size.

LORENTZ PSk2 is an integrated solar water pumping system for larger applications. PSk2 can operate exclusively on solar power, providing a range of sensor inputs and inbuilt monitoring and management systems.

  • LORENTZ PS2-100
  • LORENTZ PS2-150
  • LORENTZ PS2-200
  • LORENTZ PS2-600
  • LORENTZ PS2-1800
  • LORENTZ PS2-4000
  • LORENTZ PSk2 centrifugal pump systems
  • LORENTZ PSk2 surface pump systems
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The heart of our business is our experienced dealer network who ensure expert knowledge and local reliable support for any product we sell.

  • Australian owned & locally supported.
  • The LORENTZ ECDRIVE and PS2 have an average daily efficiency of above 90%.
  • With flow rates up to 499m3/h and head capacity of up to 450m, the LORENTZ PS2 range is a fully integrated solar pumping solution to improve water security and sustainability.

Pump Longer with Lorentz.

REAQUA is Australia’s solar pumping specialist. Holding exclusive distribution rights for the world’s leading solar pumps, LORENTZ, REAQUA harness free, renewable energy from the sun to supply water for your agricultural and domestic needs.

LORENTZ specialise in the supply of complete solar pumping solutions for a range of applications. Leading the industry in the manufacturing of high-quality solar pumping solutions, LORENTZ products are built for off-grid, rural and often hostile environments, ensuring efficiency, reliability and simple servicing.


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