LORENTZ PS2-100 Series Solar Pumping Systems

LORENTZ PS2-100 Series Solar Pumping Systems

LORENTZ PS2-100 Series Solar Pumping Systems

You'll find LORENTZ solar water pumping solutions at Irrigear Yass – including the LORENTZ PS2-100 range.

LORENTZ offer a large range of solar pumping solutions for all sizes and applications.

 The LORENTZ PS2-100 Series of solar water pumps offers a low-cost, high efficiency range of ‘entry level’ solar pumping solutions. The LORENTZ PS2-100 Series is a cost-effective solution for smaller solar pumping applications.

LORENTZ PS2-100 Series. Small Pump. Big Performance.
Perfect for the small area farmer, weekender or any small domestic application, the LORENTZ PS2-100 Series is suitable for those customers with a low head and low flow requirement. These pump systems retain the high-quality construction, reliability and modular feature for which LORENTZ is reknown;however, incorporates a more simplified control system, resulting in a low-cost, high-quality solution. A LORENTZ PS2-100 system can supply over 20,000 liters of water per day and pump up to 40M heads, serving a wide range of applications including drinking water for people, livestock and irrigation.

LORENTZ also have systems capable of providing high pressure, including high head performance systems of up to 450m as well as high flow systems capable of proving flows in excess of 650,000L/Hr at 30m Head. Whether you’re an irrigation farmer, large cattle station, grazier, dairy farmer, or now right down to the small hobby farm, LORENTZ is sure to have your solar pumping needs covered.

LORENTZ. Global Leaders in Solar Water Pumping.
LORENTZ are renowned as the Global leaders in the manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance, reliable solar pumping solutions of all sizes. LORENTZ manufacture the largest, most comprehensive range of solar pumps available on the market and have more than two decades experience specialising in the supply of agricultural, commercial and industrial solar pumping solutions.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy LORENTZ solar pumping products and solutions from Irrigear Yass your local Irrigear® Independent Experts — the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management.

Complementing our long-standing the LORENTZ range of agricultural, industrial and commercial solar pumping systems, the LORENTZ PS2-100 Series range of solar pumps provides you a fully installed, turn-key solution for your next small scale solar water pumping project:

  • High efficiency solar powered water pumping system
  • Submersible Helical Rotor (HR) pump and high efficiency DC brushless motor
  • Plugged connections for easy installation
  • Replaceable cables for long life
  • Multiple pump ends to match local pumping requirements (HR07/14/23)
  • Maximum 40 m / 131 ft head and 2.8 m3/h / 12.3 gall/min flow rate
LORENTZ PS2-100 Series Solar Pumping Systems
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LORENTZ PS2-100 Series Product Details

The LORENTZ PS2-100 Series has built-in capability to shut-down the pump system in the event of “low-water” supply to the pump, as well as automatically start and stop the pump on-demand according to tank level using either a float switch or pressure switch. This ability gives you the added safety and peace of mind that the system will continue to operate autonomously even when you're busy or not around. The pump retains the high quality construction and reliability of all LORENTZ solar pumps, but offers a simplified controller which significantly reduces the cost of the system.

The LORENTZ PS2-100 Series is available through a comprehensive national dealer network of qualified local dealers. Our experienced dealer network of ensures you receive local expert knowledge and reliable support wherever you need it. Complementing our long-standing range of agricultural, Industrial and commercial solar pumping systems, the LORENTZ PS2-100 Series range of solar pumps enables our dealers to offer you a fully installed, turn-key solution from a one-panel solar pumping system right through to a large scale irrigation project. 

LORENTZ commitment to quality, reliability and efficiency, results in dependable solar pumping solutions, with increased water production and reduced ongoing operating costs for all size systems.

“A LORENTZ PS2-100 system replaced an old Southern Cross windmill that was beginning to show its age. Regular breakdowns meant that it was time to move on with a more modern technology. The pump fills a tank at 16m static head around 250m away. A very simple install and a satisfied customer who will be happy not to see us for a while.”

 Charlie McDonald
, Managing Director Irrigear Goulburn

PS2-100 AHRP – 07S / System Overview Head max. 40 m and Flow rate max. 1.1 m³/h

PS2-100 AHRP – 14S / System Overview Head max. 27 m Flow rate max. 1.9 m³/h

PS2-100 AHRP – 23S / System Overview Head max. 18 m Flow rate max. 2.8 m³/h

  • Controlling and monitoring
  • LED indication of operational status on Controller
  • Simple on/off switch to control pumping
  • Control inputs for dry running protection, remote control etc
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and over temperature
  • Integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Controller with inputs for PV, pump, run dry protection and tank full float switch
  • Controller (aluminum housing; fully resin encapsulated)
  • Motor with socket
  • Helical rotor pump (moto cast stainless steel; rotor solid stainless steel; stator housing polypropylene sulfide with glass fill; water filled motor)
  • Motor cable with plug (15 m / 50 ft)
  • Bracket for controller mounting under PV module
  • Solar input to MC4 adapter cable
LORENTZ Australia

Solar Powered Water Pumping Solutions.

LORENTZ is the global market leader in solar powered water pumping solutions. Founded in Germany in 1993, LORENTZ has pioneered, innovated and excelled in the design, engineering and manufacturing of solar powered water pumping. Today LORENTZ actively sells the most comprehsive range of solar pumping solutions in the market in over 130 countries through a dedicated and local support network of professional partners.

LORENTZ Australia works with selected support partners including Irrigear® Independent Experts.


Talk to the team at Irrigear Yass a member of Irrigear® Independent Experts to find out more about LORENTZ PS2-100 Series Solar Pumping Systems and other great LORENTZ Australia products, parts and solutions which are right for your pumping, irrigation or water management project.




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