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BioGuard: Australia's largest retail network in pool and spa chemicals
BioLab Inc.
was established in the USA in 1955 and began as a small family business. As early as 1962, Atlanta-based BioLab had expanded – BioGuard’s pool and spa maintenance products were created.

By 1980, the family business had become the world’s leading producer and seller of pool and spa care products. And, in 1983 Alex Chandler of BioLab Canada, led the push into South Africa and Australia through the BioGuard brand.

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BioGuard Products & Chemicals Pool (& Spa)

BioGuard has an extensive range of pool products and chemicals for all salt and fresh water requirements:

  • BioGuard Activated Filter Media (AMF®) - Fine, Medium & Coarse
  • BiGuard Algaecides - Algi Destroyer, Polygard Concentrate, AlgiGuard
  • BioGuard Balancers - Pool Acid, Balance Pak 300, Balance Pak 200, Balance Pak 100, Lo'N'Slo, Stabiliser
  • BioGuard Chlorinators - BioGuard Gold Plus, BioGuard Gold Salt, GioGuard Platinum
  • BioGuard Oxidisers - Oxysheen, Burn Out Extreme, Lite
  • BioGuard Salt Pools - Salt Pool Protector, Salt Pool Sparkle, Salt Pool Sticks
  • BioGuard Sanitisers - Smarter Sticks, Swim Tabs, Cal Chlor CLC 700
  • BioGuard Balancers - Shield, Comfort Up, Performance Up, Aquality, Perfect Balance (Spa)
  • BioGuard Oxidisers - Purity (Spa)
  • BioGuard Sanitisers - Armour, Symmetry, Spa Sanitiser (Spa)

BioGuard Specialty Products Pool (& Spa)

BioGuard has one of the largest range of products designed to further enhance the swimming and spa experience; improving comfort, reducing skin and eye irrigation, improving water clarity and quality - and enhancing the perforance of sanitsers and oxidisers to prevent the growth of algae:

  • BioGuard Pool Complete
  • BioGuard Pool Tonic
  • BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus
  • BioGuard Metal Go
  • BioGuard Scale Inhibitor
  • BioGuard Phos Kill
  • BioGuard Optimiser
  • BioGuard QuickClear
  • BioGuard Power Floc Maxi
  • BioGuard Chem Out
  • BioGuard Polysheen
  • BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tabs
  • BioGuard Filter Brite
  • BioGuard Water Sparkle
  • BioGuard Swirl Away (Spa)
  • BioGuard Squeaky Clean (Spa)
  • BioGuard Foam Go (Spa)
  • BioGuard Defence (Spa)
  • BioGuard Crystal Clear (Spa)
  • BioGuard Velvet (Spa)

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